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So in two days time  it will be my 13 month anniversary.  About time that I posted something wedding related. I didn’t have a blog when I was making wedding favors. And I’m sure that if I had, I wouldn’t have had time to blog anyway what with wedding planning and tax season…AGHHH.  For wedding favors, I made burlap bags (beware…smelly) with hand made felt flowers.  I made the felt flowers with my die cutter!  I tried cutting them out by hand but that lasted about 5 minutes.  Anyway, I got to use my carpal tunnel syndrome to buy a Sizzix (not very often that Carpal Tunnel comes in handy)  I would highly recommend a die cutter for all crafters 🙂 – it’s amazing.  AND I still spent less than I would have if I’d bought the favors.  In the bags I wanted to put a daffodil bulb but turns out that they are impossible to find in late April so Momma and I went down to Ace Hardware two days before the wedding and bought some Gladiolus bulbs.  I put a little piece of paper in each bag explaining what Gladiolus’ symbolize; faithfulness and honor (perfect marriage symbol).

My programs are little booklets that included our proposal story, the attendants, etc.

Thanks to my awesome bridesmaids for staying up tying 200 programs & favor bags with ribbon the day before the wedding!

My wedding favors & programs


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We have been slackers (when I saw “we” – I mean “me”)…Jaclyn carried me through April so I could get through tax season without worrying about y’all being without something to read.  As soon as tax season was over, I threw myself into all of those chores that used be just a distant dream of “well I’ll do that after tax season” – like cleaning the basement, organizing the junk drawer, dusting the bar, and most importantly reorganizing my craft room.

So as my first project in my updated craft room – I wanted to make some necklaces. I’ve been hung up on making earrings for a while..and realize that my necklace collection needed a pick-me-up.  There is a store in at the downtown mall in Cville (something Quilts, yet they carry like 15 quilts and everything else is random) – But this store has these awesome necklaces made with seed beads.  That is where the idea for this necklace came from.  It only took me about 5 hours in two shifts. 🙂  Brett thinks it’s too colorful 🙂 He’s probably right but I still like it.

Braided Seed Bead Necklace

The next necklace took about 30 minutes and that includes time for yelling at Brett for using bamboo skewers as drumsticks on the dining room table (very distracting when he’s supposed to be “studying”).  It’s made with antiqued copper looking chain and ceramic teal beads.

Teal and Copper Necklace

Lastly, this necklace took all of ten minutes!  Its made with blue chain and shell beads.  WordPress wont turn my picture so turn your head (and pretend you don’t know i’m using my skirt as a backdrop)

Blue & Shell Necklace

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