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What’s the best kind of sandwich?  The kind with sprinkles.  Honestly, sprinkles make everything better.  Much to my husband’s dismay, I’ve been known to eat them straight up.  I think of ice cream merely as a vehicle for sprinkles.  At ice cream shops where you can put on your own toppings, I’m the girl who takes the top off of the sprinkles to get a better flow.  Yup, that’s me.  But I digress.  For my birthday a few weeks ago, my mom gave me this nifty pan where you can make your own parts to an ice cream sandwich.  Which is great because now I can make whatever flavor combos I want AND it’s good for portion control (not that we only eat one like you are supposed to…but we do feel guiltier taking seconds)20120821-111706.jpg

I made two different types of “bread” for my ice cream sandwiches.  One was a brownie recipe and the other was a blondie recipe.  I think you could probably also use cookie recipes for this.  For that matter, I’m sure you could use cookies to make your ice cream sandwiches if you didn’t have a nifty pan like me.  Just bake everything up and let them cool.  During this time you might want to set out the ice cream to soften (otherwise it’s hard to squish in between the two cookies). After the cookies are cool and the ice cream has softened, put a scoop on one cookie and squash on the other cookie piece (duh…you probably saw this part coming) – then I rolled the outside in sprinkles.  Yum.  You could also roll in mini chocolate chips, shaved almonds, m&m’s, coconut… the options are endless. Afterwards, I put mine back in the freezer so the ice cream could harden.


This sandwich was made with one of each of the cookies (something mysteriously happened to their respective mates).  It was deliciously awesome.  Next, I want to make one with peppermint ice cream in the middle.


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Who doesn’t love tomatoes!? Especially fresh tomatoes. I was so excited for tomato season at the farm and the endless  possibilities of what you could do with tomatoes (gazpacho, fresh salsa, tomato sauce, etc.). For every lunch I had been bringing in fresh picked sungold cherry tomatoes as a morning snack but then over the last week or so I starting feeling really nauseous. It was a weird combination of nausea and starvation that I experienced during my first trimester and I was worried that I was going to have to deal with it again in my last trimester. However, then Scott suggested at I might be experiencing heart burn and to try to remove acidic foods, like tomatoes. Sure enough, the next day I didn’t have any tomatoes for lunch and I felt great! While I was so excited to have figured out what was going on, I was a little bit bummed to not be able to eat any more tomatoes. Plus we w had a lot of tomatoes freshly picked from the farm and needed to figure out what to do with them… so we decided to dry them and store them in some olive oil to use later on.

If you are looking for what to do with leftover tomatoes, it is super easy to dry them in the oven and use them later! We have always loved sundried tomatoes and they tend to me more expensive, so it is a great way to save money too! Simply cut the tomatoes in half (or slices depending on the type of tomato you are using) and lay them on a cookie sheet, cut side up. Drizzle them with olive oil and salt and then feel free to add your own touch! You can throw in some thyme, garlic, oregano, pepper, etc.

Then bake them at 250 degrees for about 4-6 hours until the tomatoes are dry and only slightly juicy. Feel free to eat immediately or store in some olive oil.


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I don’t like squash.  A few months ago I would have said “I hate squash.” But I’ve gone up a level to just not liking them.  I will admit that I’m starting to come around.  Gradually.  Gardening has helped and opened doors to vegetables that before I would not eat.  I have two squash plants in my garden now, a normal straight neck yellow squash and a butternut squash.  It’s adorable.  Recently, I picked my first squash from it…but what to do with it?  I decided to make soup.  I love soup and it eliminates my major problem with squash – texture.  I have texture issues.  My worst enemy is an onion…boy, do I hate onions.  And guess what…this soup has onions too!!! I’m a dare-devil.

1) Peel and de-seed a butternut squash.  (I grew this…isn’t it cute?)

2) Cube squash and an onion (my squash was a medium one so I only used half an onion – I also hate onion)

3) Saute onion in butter until  translucent – add to pot with squash

4) Add box (4 cups) of chicken stock and cook until squash is tender (15-20 mins)

5) Use awesome immersion blender and blend

6) Mine is a pretty teal color (because they were out of pink)

7) Plate in a pretty bowl – or my pyrex because this is my lunch this week

8) Ta-Da!

I even fed this to my husband.  His comment “it isn’t awful, I would eat it if I was hungry.” – Five minutes later “I want some soup.” I consider that a small victory considering he is still in his i-hate-squash mode.

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Now the question is what to you make for the cupcake queen?? I didn’t really want to compete with her cupcakes so we knew those were off limits. I offered to do cinnamon rolls again like last year but then Lacie decided that she wanted a princess cake (which I had NO idea what she meant). Lacie showed me a couple of pictures of what she meant by a princess cake and luckily her mom had the cake mold for me to use to make the cake so all we had to do was buy a doll and then the baking materials and we were good to go! The only problem was that Lacie really wanted to decorate her own cake, which at first I felt bad that should would be making some of her cake but then (a) I realized it would be pretty awful if I tried to decorate this myself and (b) she really enjoys the decorating part of cakes and cupcakes. It would be why we make a great team, because I am really bad at the decorating part but enjoy the baking part so we can tag team 🙂

I made her a funfetti cake (her favorite) and then she came over with the icing and after a few attempts of icing the cake, here is the end result!

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