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“What?” – you say.

This is a Pinterest Project that I found a week or so ago


It’s for whipped coconut oil which is supposed to be a fantastic moisturizer.  As you may know, I have eczema and really dry skin…yuck!  So I’m always looking for a great moisturizer.  So I’m giving this a try – I’ve only used it one day but so far so good!

I found this at Food Lion the same day I read about how good it’s supposed to be… serendipity!

It even mentions “for body care…” – I’m going to have to try it out as a deep conditioner!

I put it in the mixer for about 8 minutes.

Then, I put it into a pretty little mason jar to use for later!

Let me know if you’ve had any luck using coconut oil for dry skin!


I used the coconut oil as a hair conditioner and it worked great!  I had gotten my hair colored (thank you, Momma) and my hair was kind of dry afterward.  I put the coconut oil in my hair and let it sit for about an hour.  After shampooing (shampoo well otherwise it will be greasy looking), my hair was so soft and shiny.  DO IT!



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Fabric Wreath

Jaclyn and Scott were at the hospital with Baby C, and I wanted to put a welcome home wreath on their door while they were gone.  Of course I procrastinated and put it together after she was born.  🙂  I still think it turned out well!

First, cover a form in fabric scraps.  I had a lot of fabric strips from “jelly rolls” – which are strips of fabric rolled in to a…roll.  Joann’s and other fabric stores sell them.

It really looks like a jelly roll!!  Moving on..  I wrapped the form in one color.  Then I used coordinating scraps of tulle, ribbon, and fabric to make the ‘tutu’ portion of the wreath.  Wrap the scraps and tie in knots at the front of the wreath, it was really that easy.  Then I just added accessories, like the ladybug and the “C”

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Fried Pickles

So lately I’ve had this thing for fried pickles.  I never had them before a few weeks ago when the husband and I went to a restaurant in a nearby town and guess what?  I ordered the fried pickles.  I do love pickles, and I also love fried things, so why wouldn’t I love fried pickles.  I also tried the fried pickles at a restaurant in my hometown in GA called the Pickle Barrel Cafe.  Both of these restaurants fried the pickles as quarters, if that makes sense.  So I wanted to try to fry my own pickles, but slices not quarters.

Here’s the recipe:

1) slice the pickles and dry them

2) dip the pickles cornstarch

3) then dip them in an egg/milk mixture

4) Dip them in a mixture of 1 part cornstarch, 1 part cornmeal, a little paprika

5) fry them up!!

I made these right before I fried wings one Saturday!! Great football day appetizer


Super easy and super delicious

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Remember my earring holder from a while back…

Earring Holder – Framed

Does this jog your memory?  Well when I was thinking of all the crafty things I could make for Jaclyn’s baby gift, I thought of this but Baby C wouldn’t have dangle earrings for a while.  So what else?  I’d originally wanted to make her some hair bands and hair bows.  So that got me thinking.  What about a hair bow holder.


Step One: Text Jaclyn to ask her what kind of ribbon she wants 🙂

Step Two: Insert cup hooks into a wood frame.  Paint the frame and let it dry.  (I bought this frame at Michaels – It’s $9.99 regular price and I had a coupon :), I painted it with a light green color spray paint called pistachio from Krylon)

Step Three: Measure your frame and calculate how many pieces of ribbon you can have depending on the length of your spool.  Then mark on the frame where you want the ribbons to go so that they are evenly spaced.  Staple them down (watch out that you don’t staple through the other side of the frame – make sure to staple where the frame is thickest)

Step Four: repeat with all the ribbon – afterward I  folded the extra length up and hot glued it over the staples so it looked pretty (I don’t have a picture of that though)

This is all the ribbon I had left…whew cutting it close (no pun intended…well maybe a little)


All done!  I love it so much I think I’m going to make myself one 🙂 – I’ll show you how to make the baby headbands and some new hair bows soon!

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