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I can’t resist rhyming…

During the last few months, I’ve had tons of fun learning how to make new and different hair bows for my very best baby friend! This one is a favorite of mine because you get to use Ric-Rac which is an awesomely swirly ribbon.  Warning: I was not a good photographer on this bow.  I’ll attempt to explain well enough that pictures aren’t necessary.

First, cut the Ric-Rac length in half.  Then, sew the two ends together and start to wrap together.  Photo below!!  Sew the two pieces together, continuing to “braid” as you go.





Once you’ve sewn the ribbon together, start from one end and start to roll.  Hot glue as you go along (don’t burn your fingers!!) Continue to wrap and glue until you get the size flower you want.  Then wrap the ribbon under the flower and glue!  I glued some ‘leaves’ under mine as well.  Once all the glue has set you can start to fluff the flower by brushing all the ‘petals’ outward.

Let me know if you have questions!!



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