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Hello blog readers!  Major changes have been underway – 1) we are temporarily without our domain name…hopefully we’ll get that back in the next month or so 2) I’ve combined my two blogs.  Jaclyn has given me permission to completely overtake the blog – with a new baby it’s just easier to only worry about one blog instead of two!  She has promised to remain a guest poster 🙂

1 month old - 8/29/13

1 month old – 8/29/13

Weight: 9lbs 14 ounces on Monday – he’s been gaining over an ounce a day so he’s probably ten pounds by now!

Length: 21.6 – which is shorter than when he was born 😉 – so someone didn’t stretch him out all the way.

Looking forward to: his Nana and Papaw are visiting this weekend and his first UGA game!  Go Dawgs!

Changes: We’ve been using our cloth diapers for about two weeks and we absolutely love them!  I’ll take pictures to share later.

He’s started spitting up more…not fun.

Things he likes: – his bouncer, his pacifier (it’s new but he likes it), grabbing the mini blinds while being changed, riding in the car, buggy, or stroller

Things he doesn’t like: his swing, being left alone in his room, when I take a shower 😉

Activities & Outings: He’s been to target three times (protected in the ergo so people couldn’t get him).  We also had an adventure recently to get B’s truck fixed – so he got to go to the auto shop, to a rental shuttle, to a rental (I got a lot of car seat installation practice)

Nicknames: Little B, Bro, Broseph, Little dude.


We also got his newborn photos back!  Exciting.


For GiGi the schoolbus driver

bw cream  IMG_4047-Edit bw film  IMG_4128-Edit IMG_4009 IMG_4036 IMG_4041 IMG_4084 IMG_4135 IMG_4160



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2 weeks old


two weeks – 8/12/13

Week Two

Week two began our first week at home alone.  Daddy had to go back to work so we are on our own during the day.  We are still trying to get in a routine between feedings and changing plus me working from home.  Not to mention the normal household chores of laundry – we have more laundry with this little boy.  Things get peed on – often.

Weight: 8 lbs 4 oz (according to our scale)

At our doc appointment last Thursday he weighed 8 lbs 1 oz.  At his age, he should be gaining .5-1 ounces a day…which he is!

Looking forward to: starting cloth diapers this week

Changes: Our doc recommended that we start giving little B his vitamin D supplement every day (ish) – Breastfed babies do not get adequate amounts of vitamin D so you have to give them a bit extra!

Also, today the last part of his cord fell off (wasn’t really his cord but the scab that was left) – Hooray so now we can take a big boy bath and start our cloth diapers!

Things he likes: – eating (duh), looking at the mini blinds in the bedroom (he can see the light and shadows), being jiggled

Things he doesn’t like: hiccups (he gets them all the time!), his swing on high speeds

Activities & Outings: This weekend, LB and I had our first shopping adventure – we had to go to target for some groceries.  He did great!  I didn’t want people touching him or peering at him so we wore the Ergo which I love!  It was so comfy too walking around in Target – he napped the whole time.  The only negative is that we get a bit warm with him squished against me – so he was all sweaty when we got back to the car.

Today we started going on our stroller walks – I think occasionally I’ll use the Ergo instead of the stroller but I didn’t go out until noonish and it was a bit warm outside!

He’s enjoying tummy time – as much as he can anyway.  As long as silly Mommy doesn’t try to do it too soon after a meal – because then we spit up.  duh!


tummy time




yay! Belly button!



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08/05/13 - 1 week old

08/05/13 – 1 week old

Well if I’d done my 39 week photo like I was supposed to, it would have been my last.  Little B was born one day before his due date.

Born: 7/29/13 at 3:38 p.m.
Weight: 7 lb 7 oz
Length: 21.75 inches long
Where: UNC Hospital, Chapel Hill, NC

Brief Labor Story:

My contractions started Sunday evening, Brett was home from work.  By midnight they were about 3 minute apart so we went to the hospital and found out I was barely dilated so they sent us home.  Brett had to leave for work around 5:00 a.m.  My water broke around 6ish so I called him to come pick me up.  We were back at the hospital by 7:30.  I knew that they were going to keep us this time around since my water had broken, but I was thrilled to learn I’d dilated to 5 cm.  By 9, I had my epidural so I was in a super good mood.  We had two wonderful labor and delivery nurses and everyone was so nice.  By 1:00 pm, I was fully dilated so we just wanted a while for Brody to come a bit further down on his own.  He was born at 3:38 p.m.  His heart rate dropped a bit during delivery but once he was out – he was perfect!

IMG_0299 IMG_1418 IMG_0304After delivery, they thought Brody’s blood sugar was a bit low because I’d had gestational diabetes.  But they continued to monitor it and it returned to normal!  He had a little cupcake sticker on his bassinet to indicate he was a ‘sugar baby.’

IMG_1417 IMG_1423 IMG_1419

This week he has had many firsts –

IMG_0335First car ride home 7/31

IMG_0331First Stroller Ride

IMG_1442First Doctor’s Appointment

IMG_0345 IMG_0342First walk with Axel

IMG_0375 IMG_0359First bath – not the best picture but I don’t want to over share.

IMG_0387First tummy time – which Brody took to mean take a nap

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