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“Bad Momma”

I read this article recently about how new mothers get nothing done.  And if a new mom is saying that she gets stuff done then she is lying or not a good mom.  The point of the article was basically to say enjoy these times with you baby and measure each day in moments and not tasks accomplished.  

While I love the premise of the article, not worrying about chores and tasks but just enjoying our child, It made me realize what a wonderful baby I have and how lucky I am.  Because I’m not lying when I say that I do get stuff done during the day, and rarely do I have to wear my baby in order to do it (I would love to but right now it’s just too gosh darn hot for either of us to be smushed together for longer than a grocery store trip).  Luckily he’s chill enough to let me get 3-4 hours of work done for my part time job that I do from home (and am immensely grateful for), as well as keeping a clean house (so I haven’t had to calm my inner OCD yet – which honestly probably needs to happen) and occasionally (thought not as often as I used to) I have time for a craft project here and there AND I still have plenty of time for cuddles – seriously no one need worry that I don’t hold my kid enough.

Anyway the purpose of this post was not to gloat over my glorious child 😉 but to say hey! fellow bloggers don’t throw out words like “bad momma” willy nilly!  Everyone has different mothering styles and basically people…don’t judge.  I’m not going to lie – I used to see people with their babies and they might be doing “no-no’s” like wearing their child facing forward, or putting the car seat in the top part of the buggy, or playing on their iphone.  And I judged.  But now that my little guy is here I realize that all of us are just trying to do the best we can to ‘survive’ and we have to make our own judgments about what to do with our children – am I going to wear my child facing forward probably not (mostly due to the fact that I have a 100 dollar child carrier that doesn’t allow that option 😉 ) – but hey stay informed and then make your own decisions that work best for your family.

Side Note:  Last night my child peed himself in the face during a diaper change – I just wiped his face off and went back to sleep – if you told me this I probably would have been like “oh no poor baby” – not poor baby – pee is sterile and I was sleep deprived from a cranky baby – he can wear a little pee until morning – he’s fine.  Have I heard him poop as I watched his eyes close to go to sleep?  Yes – Have I let him sit in it until he wakes up? Yes – Am I a bad mom? – No – so there.

Rant Over


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Day One

Hello All,

I decided to start a blog as a way to share my life and my hobbies.  As many of you know I love to craft, garden, and cook and I thought this was a great way to share any ideas or tips I found along the way.  I hope that along the way I can give y’all some ideas as well as get some in return.

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