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Two and a half months…

No, that’s not how long this project takes but instead how long its been since we’ve blogged. Bad bloggers! We/I needed to be punished for this gross and intolerable oversight. So what did I do? Banished myself to a day of chores and laundry. (oh wait….that kind of sounds like every Sunday…hum) Only problem, I was nearing the bottom of my Sam’s Club sized laundry detergent. What to do? I could just go buy more detergent. That’s what any sane person would do…but no. I remembered a project I’d seen months ago on Pinterest. Homemade detergent!

Now…if there is anything this girl likes…it’s combining things, dumping things out, putting them in other containers. I can’t really explain it. Since youth, I’ve loved sand art…this transitioned into my facination with containers (seriously…almost ever kitchen necessity I own must be put into a different container than what it was purchased in…I’m the proud owner of over 20 canisters). Nothing excites me more than when I run out of flour, b/c that just means I get to open a fresh bag and dump it into my old fashioned cracker canister…oh yeah! I’m getting off topic…

Back to the detergent – this is the original link that I found


I tweaked this a bit based on what I could find.

Here is what I used:

– Container of Oxi-Clean
– Box of Borax
– Box of Baking Soda
– Box of Super Washing Soda (didn’t even know this existed)
– Two bars of grated Ivory soap (most links say to use Zote but despite popular opinion…it is not easy to find. I found several articles that said Ivory soap was great! Plus side – it smelled just like the resort on my Honeymoon…weird
– Container of Purex Crystals laundry detergent (I originally wasn’t going to add this b/c I normally use Downy…or Snuggle…with a Downy Ball…that somehow magically dispenses the fabric softener on time. This was until a few weeks ago when my husband decided to do a load of laundry…maybe the third load he’s done in the 2 and a half years I’ve lived with him. Turns out he was confused…and used fabric softener…instead of detergent (he didn’t know fabric softener came in liquid form) and then tried to throw out my downy ball b/c it was “stupid.” So I decided to add the fabric softener crystals back in.. just in case some strange phenomenon happens where he needs to do laundry…there is now only one step to the process.



Then I layered all of the parts into a container (I used a small cooler that we never use). The layering helps make stirring/blending everything much easier. I got creative and used a vacuum attachment to stir with.

The Mixture

The Mixture

Last I put some of my detergent back into the fabric softener container since it was so cute. And the top is the perfect measuring cup for the powder!! So it should be a while before I run out of my cooler full of detergent! (PS this stuff smells good too!) My only complaint…I wish the fabric softener came in pink ūüėČ so I could have pink crystals in my detergent.

Finished Product

Finished Product


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I can’t resist rhyming…

During the last few months, I’ve had tons of fun learning how to make new and different hair bows for my very best baby friend! This one is a favorite of mine because you get to use Ric-Rac which is an awesomely swirly ribbon. ¬†Warning: I was not a good photographer on this bow. ¬†I’ll attempt to explain well enough that pictures aren’t necessary.

First, cut the Ric-Rac length in half. ¬†Then, sew the two ends together and start to wrap together. ¬†Photo below!! ¬†Sew the two pieces together, continuing to “braid” as you go.





Once you’ve sewn the ribbon together, start from one end and start to roll. ¬†Hot glue as you go along (don’t burn your fingers!!) Continue to wrap and glue until you get the size flower you want. ¬†Then wrap the ribbon under the flower and glue! ¬†I glued some ‘leaves’ under mine as well. ¬†Once all the glue has set you can start to fluff the flower by brushing all the ‘petals’ outward.

Let me know if you have questions!!


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Do you know me?

If you do…you know that Halloween, for me, means Christmas is almost here. ¬†That being said, my husband loves Halloween!! So he goes all out on the decorating. ¬†I tried to add some not so scary elements ūüôā The photos are of my additions…the video below the slideshow is all his.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

B’s haunting halloween video.

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I’m a firm believer that¬†accessorizing¬†should start early in a girls life. ūüôā There is nothing cuter than a baby girl with a bow in her hair…

I wanted to make Baby C some headbands for her congrats-on-being-born gift.  I found this idea on Pinterest!  Link below:


I’ve included the steps in the slideshow. ¬†These were so much fun to make and very very easy! ¬†They make a great shower gift – unless of course you are a procrastinator like me and gift them to the lucky mom a week after baby is born. ¬†I guess that’s cool too ūüôā

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My Beautiful Model!!

I will admit to not making the bow part of this headband. ¬†I found the fluffy part at Joann’s and just turned it into a bow. ¬†Credit for using existing resources?

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“What?” – you say.

This is a Pinterest Project that I found a week or so ago


It’s for whipped coconut oil which is supposed to be a fantastic moisturizer. ¬†As you may know, I have¬†eczema¬†and really dry skin…yuck! ¬†So I’m always looking for a great moisturizer. ¬†So I’m giving this a try – I’ve only used it one day but so far so good!

I found this at Food Lion the same day I read about how good it’s supposed to be…¬†serendipity!

It even mentions “for body care…” – I’m going to have to try it out as a deep conditioner!

I put it in the mixer for about 8 minutes.

Then, I put it into a pretty little mason jar to use for later!

Let me know if you’ve had any luck using coconut oil for dry skin!


I used the coconut oil as a hair conditioner and it worked great!  I had gotten my hair colored (thank you, Momma) and my hair was kind of dry afterward.  I put the coconut oil in my hair and let it sit for about an hour.  After shampooing (shampoo well otherwise it will be greasy looking), my hair was so soft and shiny.  DO IT!


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Fabric Wreath

Jaclyn and Scott were at the hospital with Baby C, and I wanted to put a welcome home wreath on their door while they were gone.¬†¬†Of course I procrastinated and put it together after she was born.¬† ūüôā¬† I still think it turned out well!

First, cover a form in fabric scraps. ¬†I had a lot of fabric¬†strips from “jelly rolls” – which are strips of fabric rolled in to a…roll.¬† Joann’s and other fabric stores sell them.

It really looks like a jelly roll!!¬† Moving on..¬†¬†I wrapped the form in one color. ¬†Then I used¬†coordinating¬†scraps of tulle, ribbon, and fabric to make the ‘tutu’ portion of the wreath. ¬†Wrap the scraps and tie in knots at the front of the wreath, it was really that easy. ¬†Then I just added accessories, like the ladybug and the “C”

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Remember my earring holder from a while back…

Earring Holder – Framed

Does this jog your memory? ¬†Well when I was thinking of all the crafty things I could make for Jaclyn’s baby gift, I thought of this but Baby C wouldn’t have dangle earrings for a while. ¬†So what else? ¬†I’d originally wanted to make her some hair bands and hair bows. ¬†So that got me thinking. ¬†What about a hair bow holder.


Step One: Text Jaclyn to ask her what kind of ribbon she wants ūüôā

Step Two: Insert cup hooks into a wood frame. ¬†Paint the frame and let it dry. ¬†(I bought this frame at Michaels – It’s $9.99 regular price and I had a coupon :), I painted it with a light green color spray paint called¬†pistachio¬†from Krylon)

Step Three: Measure your frame and calculate how many pieces of ribbon you can have depending on the length of your spool. ¬†Then mark on the frame where you want the ribbons to go so that they are evenly spaced. ¬†Staple them down (watch out that you don’t staple through the other side of the frame – make sure to staple where the frame is thickest)

Step Four: repeat with all the ribbon – afterward I ¬†folded the extra length up and hot glued it over the staples so it looked pretty (I don’t have a picture of that though)

This is all the ribbon I had left…whew cutting it close (no pun intended…well maybe a little)


All done! ¬†I love it so much I think I’m going to make myself one ūüôā – I’ll show you how to make the baby headbands and some new hair bows soon!

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