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Happy 1/2 Year!

01/29/14 - 6 Months

01/29/14 – 6 Months


16 lbs 15 ounces – slightly under 50th percentile


26.25 inches – right on 50th percentile

he has a bit of a rash – too soon to tell if it’s eczema or just life as a baby

He got four shots, including the flu shot!  He charmed all the ladies at the doctors office which got him some extra attention 🙂 A nice distraction after getting stuck 4 times!

Also, he enjoyed the crinkly paper.



He can sit for longer periods of time now – although not always consistently so we use the Boppy in case he decides to flop backwards (which he does).


We like playing with our toys…



He can make B sounds now along with the M sounds he’s been making for a while.  “mum ba ummm ba ba ba” – yup, I talk baby.

No bad teething days this month but still no teeth.

Eating Solids!! He’s had sweet potatoes, avocados, carrots, and green beans.  We are doing the baby led weaning approach where we are letting Brody feed himself.  It’s going fairly well – he’s still not super into eating but he knows how to put the food in his mouth and he’s eating some of it.  Every night, he seems to get it a little bit more.  He wasn’t very fond of avocados.  He is his father’s son.



Activities & Outings:

Uncle Ethan came for a visit!


Brody’s first snow!



and his first snow man 🙂


We went to a food truck rally in Durham.  No pictures of us – as usual we forgot


Nicknames: Little B, Bro, Broseph, Little dude,  Bro Bro, B-Man, Little Man

Clothing Size: 3-9 Months – all depends on the brand

Often heard:

“He is so agreeable” – says his doctor 🙂
“What a cutie!”
“He has so much hair”
“He’s very calm”
“So handsome”
“Look at those cheeks”
“What beautiful blue eyes”


We still suck our fingers – mostly when we are sleepy or upset




Excited hands




Still love our feet


I kept the snowman decoration out 🙂


Snow for Brody’s 1/2 Birthday!


Axel had fun


More feet chewing…


You know it!



Go Dawgs!


We like to be cool like Daddy!


Love our fox hoodie!


We still nap in our bouncer – or on mommy.


first selfie


This is his floor move – legs and arms up and wiggle them




yup – my mom leaves me naked and then puts me in a hoodie




got bacon?


yup 🙂 – like father like son


love fluffy bums




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5 Months





5 months 12/29/13


15 lbs 6 ounces – (by my bathroom scale)

not sure – we have a doctors appointment in a month!


Looking forward to
Relaxing and playing with our Christmas goodies

Starting solids – I’m looking forward to this and dreading it at the same time 🙂


He can roll both directions!  and he does it all the time.  He kept rolling under the coffee table so I moved it to give him the whole living room rug.



sometimes he rolls over and watches tv…



He even rolled over while I was taking his 5 month photos


He loves his feet – he has two of them 🙂







He also likes to blow bubbles/lip buzz



He has been teething off an on this month.  Most days he’s fine.  He just likes to chew on things but sometimes he has bad days…

You can tell his teeth are bothering him when he is trying to put more than two fingers in his mouth.



He hasn’t had a paci all month – when I give him one he spits it out and replaces it with his fingers so I’ve stopped trying.


We also love grabbing at glasses and bringing to them our mouth!  Gonna be eating soon


We love things that are crunchy – This is our crunchy book from Uncle Ethan – we also love our elephant with crunchy ears and our rainbow rings.





Activities & Outings:

THREE CHRISTMASES.  We had Christmas with Nana and Papaw (Brett’s parents) – then Christmas Day just us three – then GiGi and Grandpa (My parents)  So this little boy racked up the goodies.


Also earlier in December we visited Charlottesville and visited my work and our buddies there!  And got to hang out with Aunt Jac and Care Bear!

Nicknames: Little B, Bro, Broseph, Little dude,  Bro Bro, B-Man, Little Man

Clothing Size: 3-9 Months – all depends on the brand

Often heard:B 

“He has so much hair”
“He’s so alert”
“He’s very calm”
“So handsome”
“Look at those cheeks”
“What beautiful blue eyes”
“Love his coloring/complexion”

Had to take a rainbow picture of our cloth diapers. Still in love with them – but solid foods is going to change the game. (I have white ones too but those are boring 🙂 )


This is how our hair looks after we try to turn over in our bouncer

IMG_2576[1]Cool dude!





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4 months – 11/29/13

14 lbs 6 ounces – 50% percentile

24.5 inches – officially over 2 feet tall!  Whoohoo. Also, 50% percentile

We had a doctors appointment on Monday 12/2/13 and he is still perfect.  He might be teething but it’s kinda hard to know since we can’t see anything.  But he’s chewing on things!

Pre-doctor and shots


A day after his shots and still feeling icky.  He ran a fever…and threw up on me! First throw up was my least favorite milestone


Looking forward to
Christmas!! DUH!


He’s rolled over from front to back! – So now we use the boppy when we want tummy time so he can’t flip over


He’s trying to sit up on his own.  He just isn’t quite there yet.




My favorite…oops we fell over


He sleeps in his crib and has for the whole month of November.  Super Star.  Until lately, he’s been sleeping on average 8 hours a night.  We think either teething or Thanksgiving vacation threw his sleep off because now he wakes up every 3 or 4 hours.

Happy Crib Boy!


See look what I can do…


He has started liking his paci less and his fingers more.  And he’s grabbing lots of things – Like the icing on daddy’s cake and his 4 months sticker.  So we had to safety pin it on.

He loves having his diaper changed!  It can change a screaming baby into a smiling one.  Although usually to mood is ruined once the diaper is changed.

Activities & Outings:

Halloween!  Our little guy was a Ninja Turtle.  His costume was a hit with the neighborhood kids.  Although one was kind of confused “He’s not a turtle, he’s a human!”



Daddy’s Birthday!  Brody helped me decorate the cake and had fun helping Daddy blow out his candles 🙂


We had Thanksgiving with both sets of parents.  Brody was a little overwhelmed by all the different people but we had a good time!  He was so good on his first Thanksgiving.  However, we didn’t take many pictures.

Nicknames: Little B, Bro, Broseph, Little dude,  Bro Bro, B-Man.

Clothing Size: 3-9 Months – all depends on the brand

Often heard:B 

“He has so much hair”
“He’s so alert”
“He’s very calm”
“So handsome”
“He’s so cute” (oh wait that’s me)

I have learned that if he’s in the room with me – he will let me shower in peace.  I’m okay with this :).





Gangsta’s gotta sleep…


Silly Daddy bought me a mustache!


He refused to smile for me – but that’s what happens when you do a photo shoot the day after shots.  Not a happy baby.




He was done! 🙂





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2 Months

2 months - 9/29/13

2 months – 9/29/13

11 lbs 14 ounces on Wednesday (9/25) – slightly above 50th percentile

22.5 inches – slightly below 50th percentile

We had a doctors appointment last Wednesday for his normal two month checkup.  But he also perfectly timed a blocked infected tear duct.  We noticed on Monday that his eye had a little bit of sleepy stuff in the corner.  By Tuesday, it was full on goo, especially when he cried.  So the doctor prescribed him some eye ointment that he is not so fond of but his eye has cleared up.

Looking forward to
GiGi and Grandpa’s visit this month


9/4/13 - first on camera smile

9/4/13 – first on camera smile




cutie pie

he’s getting nice and chunky and adorable.  He has great head strength (in my totally biased opinion).  He’s started moving his arms and legs a lot and seems to understand that he’s the one moving them.  Today he was wiggling his feet and grinning at them as they moved.


funny feet

He has always been a chatty baby but he does it even more now!  Tons of coos, oohs, ahhs, and squeaks.

He still sleeps from 4-5 hrs at night, then 3 hours, then he is ready to be awake – He’ll sleep a little longer if you cuddle but that means I have to be awake so we watch Good Morning America in the morning and it gives us time to wake up!

He’s started taking a pacifier and a bottle.  He took the first bottle we offered him with no complaints.  Go Brody!  He will even take one from me which I’ve heard is difficult.  We also give him a pacifier at night and if he gets super fussy but he’s started sucking on his fingers when he gets upset.  Yay for self soothing.  But sometimes he gets really mad that his fingers aren’t doing what he wants – so then we have to give him a pacifier to calm him down.  But he doesn’t really need it – I usually only use it if i’m super lazy because a quick walk around the house would calm him just as much.  Or at night time to let him know that it’s time for bed.


Things he likes: – He loves his bouncer, He likes being held up (sitting or standing) so he can look around.  He still loves looking at lights and bright places in the house.

Things he doesn’t like: He does not like for me to bathe ;). But there aren’t many things that upset him beyond if he’s been left alone for a while.  He’s not fond of the eye ointment that I have to put in his eye.

Activities & Outings:

 We make a great shopping team, we go to the grocery store, Target, CVS, everywhere together.

This weekend we had a doggie playdate with some neighbors and Brody had fun watching Axel play and listening to the adults chit chat.

Last weekend, when Ethan and Natalie were here we went to Hillridge Farms.  Brody had his first hay ride and pumpkin patch picking.



We also visited Charlottesville on 9/15 and celebrated our best buddy’s birthday!  Here is the picture of Clara and Brody meeting for the first time


We also enjoyed watching many Georgia games together!


And he’s always willing to help with my day to day chores


laundry time

Nicknames: Little B, Bro, Broseph, Little dude, and Bro Bro.

Clothing Size: We just started wearing 3-6 months.  Brody has a long torso plus the extra bulk of the cloth diapers and we had to go up a size!

Often heard:

“He has so much hair”
“He’s so alert”
“He’s very calm”
“So handsome” (says his grandparents) 😉







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08/05/13 - 1 week old

08/05/13 – 1 week old

Well if I’d done my 39 week photo like I was supposed to, it would have been my last.  Little B was born one day before his due date.

Born: 7/29/13 at 3:38 p.m.
Weight: 7 lb 7 oz
Length: 21.75 inches long
Where: UNC Hospital, Chapel Hill, NC

Brief Labor Story:

My contractions started Sunday evening, Brett was home from work.  By midnight they were about 3 minute apart so we went to the hospital and found out I was barely dilated so they sent us home.  Brett had to leave for work around 5:00 a.m.  My water broke around 6ish so I called him to come pick me up.  We were back at the hospital by 7:30.  I knew that they were going to keep us this time around since my water had broken, but I was thrilled to learn I’d dilated to 5 cm.  By 9, I had my epidural so I was in a super good mood.  We had two wonderful labor and delivery nurses and everyone was so nice.  By 1:00 pm, I was fully dilated so we just wanted a while for Brody to come a bit further down on his own.  He was born at 3:38 p.m.  His heart rate dropped a bit during delivery but once he was out – he was perfect!

IMG_0299 IMG_1418 IMG_0304After delivery, they thought Brody’s blood sugar was a bit low because I’d had gestational diabetes.  But they continued to monitor it and it returned to normal!  He had a little cupcake sticker on his bassinet to indicate he was a ‘sugar baby.’

IMG_1417 IMG_1423 IMG_1419

This week he has had many firsts –

IMG_0335First car ride home 7/31

IMG_0331First Stroller Ride

IMG_1442First Doctor’s Appointment

IMG_0345 IMG_0342First walk with Axel

IMG_0375 IMG_0359First bath – not the best picture but I don’t want to over share.

IMG_0387First tummy time – which Brody took to mean take a nap

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34 weeks - 6/18/13

34 weeks – 6/18/13

(yes this post is over a week late 🙂 – and yes I should do my hair before taking my weekly picture)

How far along?: 34 weeks
Due Date: July 30, 2013
Baby is the size of an?: Butternut Squash (yum) or cantaloupe
Maternity Clothes: nope – seems silly to buy anything now 🙂
Baby Purchases: we had our two baby showers! So much fun and wonderfully gifted from all of our friends.  Then we went shopping for everything we didn’t get at the showers.  So baby Brody has everything he’ll need plus some.  I’ve also bought the large majority of our cloth diaper stash as well as the accessories that are needed to go along with them!
Sleep: Great!
Symptoms: I have to pee ALL THE TIME!
Miss Anything?: all the usuals 🙂
Movement: everyday mostly at night
Food cravings: I had the craving for cauliflower…weird.
Mood: Happy!  Probably moody as well 🙂
Rings: Wearing a larger ring
Belly Button: out
Gender:  Baby BOY!!
Pregnancy Workout: absolutely nothing – I should walk but I don’t feel that ambitious in the morning and it’s way to hot anytime after 9am
Pregnancy Pet Peeve: people who think they know it all about babies…dude I get that I’m a first time mom and I might not know things but lets be honest – I’m going to do what I want regardless of what you tell me – so I’ll ask when I want advice! (then at least I might actually listen to what you say) 😉
Pregnancy Updates: Well they’ve said that my diabetes is doing so well that I only have to finger prick twice a day – whoo hoo!! And I seem to be able to eat a little bit more carbs and still be okay as far as blood sugar goes – so I ATE PIZZA…so good.
Best Moment this Week: did you hear…I ATE PIZZA!  Also, our two baby showers were awesome!  So much yummy food and fantastic festivities.  Plus lets be real everyone loves playing with baby things.
Looking forward to: Going to Cville this weekend and seeing my friend and adorable ‘niece’!
BabyCenter Update: Your baby now weighs about 4 3/4 pounds (about the size of a cantaloupe) and is almost 18 inches long. Her fat layers – which she’ll need to regulate her body temperature once she’s born – are filling her out, making her rounder. Her skin is also smoother than ever. Her central nervous system is maturing and her lungs are continuing to mature as well. If you’ve been nervous about preterm labor, you’ll be happy to know that babies born between 34 and 37 weeks who have no other health problems generally do fine. They may need a short stay in the neonatal nursery and may have a few short-term health issues, but in the long run, they usually do as well as full-term babies.


– Brody’s beautiful crib – I made the bed skirt!

– His car sheets along with his little sea horse buddy (he doesn’t have a name yet).


– Unfilled shadow box – I want to do something like this http://craftersadd.blogspot.com/2010/03/baby-shadow-box.html but less girly


– the tree wall

– I want to do this in the white frames – http://www.shopmilkweed.com/2011/07/nursery-art.html?spref=fb maybe next week!


– changing area


– Other side of dresser


– an organized closet!


– neatIMG_0205 IMG_0206

– Brody will be rad like his dad


– Turtle night light!  It puts stars on the ceiling – I’ll be honest I like sitting in there and looking at them.


– Diaper changing basket


– still need to figure out how to fold baby pants…


– burb cloths and blankies


– the cloth diaper collection (at least those that have been washed – the others are still in the package in case we don’t like that brand we can return them!)

– extra inserts


– the adorable bookshelf – books and storage!  plus somewhere to put my drink when i’m sitting in the chair!

– wall art!


– straw art


– ready for his first year!


– and hand and foot prints!


– humidifier that used to be in our room 🙂


– saving up for his first car…hahaIMG_0223 IMG_0224 IMG_0225

– I added the trucks to his curtains

– chair – its comfy


– diaper pail – gotta have that!


– garden view

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32 weeks

6/4/13 - 32 weeks

6/4/13 – 32 weeks


How far along?: 32 weeks
Due Date: July 30, 2013
Baby is the size of an?: Jicama (which I hadn’t heard of until yesterday when Paula Dean used it on her show! – It looks kinda like a turnip root)
Maternity Clothes: nothing recently
Baby Purchases: we have gotten some goodies off our registry like our awesome crib that Brett’s parents bought us – and Brett and I bought a dresser from a thrift store that matches it wonderfully!  So baby boy is on his way to having a finished nursery!
Sleep: Pretty good – my eczema has been flaring up so I’ve been scratching a lot…itchy itchy
Symptoms: nothing
Miss Anything?: brownies…sprinkles…donuts…potatoes…pasta….bread…biscuits…oreos….
Movement: everyday mostly at night
Food cravings: well since I can’t have carbs – I eat a lot of meat and cheese – My favorite is Mexican; steak, cheese, sour cream, quacomole
Mood: Happy! Excited! and perhaps moody at times 😉
Rings: Wearing a larger ring
Belly Button: out
Gender:  Baby BOY!!
Pregnancy Workout: unpacking and cleaning…I need more motivation to get this house put together!
Pregnancy Pet Peeve: the babies r us registry website – it is not very well organized.
Pregnancy Updates: Had my first appointment at UNC.  It was so different from UVA.  The main hospital is HUGE and we had to park in a parking garage across the street – so we had left 40 minutes before appointment thinking that would be ample time…and we got there right on time b/c it took so long to park and walk over (granted I walk slower).  But once we found out where we were going…everything was great.  The doc who saw me was so nice and spent at least a half an hour with me.  I received a crazy amount of praise for my blood sugar figures so go team NO CARBS!!  So hopefully I can keep this up and avoid medication all together.  She did say because of my family history, I have a larger than normal chance of having diabetes after pregnancy – lets hope not because I have a lot of things that I want to eat eventually…brownies…donuts…potatoes…pasta…
Best Moment this Week: Well since it’s been so long since I’ve posted…the best moment in the last three weeks was that we agreed on a baby name!!…wait for it….

Brody Luke Pettett

Looking forward to: Our showers this weekend.  We have two awesome showers for Brody – I’m so excited!
BabyCenter Update: By now, your baby weighs 3 3/4 pounds (about the size of a jicama) and is about 16.7 inches long, taking up a lot of space in your uterus. You’re gaining about a pound a week and roughly half of that goes right to your baby. In fact, she’ll gain a third to half of her birth weight during the next 7 weeks as she fattens up for survival outside the womb.

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