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5 Months





5 months 12/29/13


15 lbs 6 ounces – (by my bathroom scale)

not sure – we have a doctors appointment in a month!


Looking forward to
Relaxing and playing with our Christmas goodies

Starting solids – I’m looking forward to this and dreading it at the same time 🙂


He can roll both directions!  and he does it all the time.  He kept rolling under the coffee table so I moved it to give him the whole living room rug.



sometimes he rolls over and watches tv…



He even rolled over while I was taking his 5 month photos


He loves his feet – he has two of them 🙂







He also likes to blow bubbles/lip buzz



He has been teething off an on this month.  Most days he’s fine.  He just likes to chew on things but sometimes he has bad days…

You can tell his teeth are bothering him when he is trying to put more than two fingers in his mouth.



He hasn’t had a paci all month – when I give him one he spits it out and replaces it with his fingers so I’ve stopped trying.


We also love grabbing at glasses and bringing to them our mouth!  Gonna be eating soon


We love things that are crunchy – This is our crunchy book from Uncle Ethan – we also love our elephant with crunchy ears and our rainbow rings.





Activities & Outings:

THREE CHRISTMASES.  We had Christmas with Nana and Papaw (Brett’s parents) – then Christmas Day just us three – then GiGi and Grandpa (My parents)  So this little boy racked up the goodies.


Also earlier in December we visited Charlottesville and visited my work and our buddies there!  And got to hang out with Aunt Jac and Care Bear!

Nicknames: Little B, Bro, Broseph, Little dude,  Bro Bro, B-Man, Little Man

Clothing Size: 3-9 Months – all depends on the brand

Often heard:B 

“He has so much hair”
“He’s so alert”
“He’s very calm”
“So handsome”
“Look at those cheeks”
“What beautiful blue eyes”
“Love his coloring/complexion”

Had to take a rainbow picture of our cloth diapers. Still in love with them – but solid foods is going to change the game. (I have white ones too but those are boring 🙂 )


This is how our hair looks after we try to turn over in our bouncer

IMG_2576[1]Cool dude!






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4 months – 11/29/13

14 lbs 6 ounces – 50% percentile

24.5 inches – officially over 2 feet tall!  Whoohoo. Also, 50% percentile

We had a doctors appointment on Monday 12/2/13 and he is still perfect.  He might be teething but it’s kinda hard to know since we can’t see anything.  But he’s chewing on things!

Pre-doctor and shots


A day after his shots and still feeling icky.  He ran a fever…and threw up on me! First throw up was my least favorite milestone


Looking forward to
Christmas!! DUH!


He’s rolled over from front to back! – So now we use the boppy when we want tummy time so he can’t flip over


He’s trying to sit up on his own.  He just isn’t quite there yet.




My favorite…oops we fell over


He sleeps in his crib and has for the whole month of November.  Super Star.  Until lately, he’s been sleeping on average 8 hours a night.  We think either teething or Thanksgiving vacation threw his sleep off because now he wakes up every 3 or 4 hours.

Happy Crib Boy!


See look what I can do…


He has started liking his paci less and his fingers more.  And he’s grabbing lots of things – Like the icing on daddy’s cake and his 4 months sticker.  So we had to safety pin it on.

He loves having his diaper changed!  It can change a screaming baby into a smiling one.  Although usually to mood is ruined once the diaper is changed.

Activities & Outings:

Halloween!  Our little guy was a Ninja Turtle.  His costume was a hit with the neighborhood kids.  Although one was kind of confused “He’s not a turtle, he’s a human!”



Daddy’s Birthday!  Brody helped me decorate the cake and had fun helping Daddy blow out his candles 🙂


We had Thanksgiving with both sets of parents.  Brody was a little overwhelmed by all the different people but we had a good time!  He was so good on his first Thanksgiving.  However, we didn’t take many pictures.

Nicknames: Little B, Bro, Broseph, Little dude,  Bro Bro, B-Man.

Clothing Size: 3-9 Months – all depends on the brand

Often heard:B 

“He has so much hair”
“He’s so alert”
“He’s very calm”
“So handsome”
“He’s so cute” (oh wait that’s me)

I have learned that if he’s in the room with me – he will let me shower in peace.  I’m okay with this :).





Gangsta’s gotta sleep…


Silly Daddy bought me a mustache!


He refused to smile for me – but that’s what happens when you do a photo shoot the day after shots.  Not a happy baby.




He was done! 🙂





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27 weeks - 4/30/13

27 weeks – 4/30/13

How far along?: 27 weeks
Due Date: July 30, 2013
Baby is the size of a?: head of cauliflower
Maternity Clothes: I got my stuff from Motherhood Maternity using a gift card from Christmas!  – two super cute tshirts – a pair of teal shorts – a grey tank top – a dress for Brett’s graduation – and some bras 😉
Baby Purchases: I got a gift from a co-worker today!  Blankets, bibs, onesies, and hooded towels – so sweet of her.  Also, got a gift on loan 😉 a baby sleeper from Jaclyn.  It’ll be like the sisterhood of the traveling pants – except a baby sleeper (we will all use it until baby no longer fits – then on to the next person)
Sleep: good when Brett and I can get comfy on the bed.  With his bad elbow and my increasing size – that is not always the case – Yay for getting a king size mattress soon!!  One of many things to be excited about.
Symptoms: High blood sugar 😉
Miss Anything?: Sugar/Carbs
Movement: He is starting to move more during the day – never on command though
Food cravings: coleslaw/sweet tea
Mood: Happy/Excited
Rings: Wearing a larger ring
Belly Button: in and out
Gender:  Baby BOY!!
Pregnancy Workout: after meal walks
Pregnancy Pet Peeve: this hasn’t happened to me yet but I see people doing it to other pregnant people…you eat wonderfully but occasionally splurge on something like dessert and people tell you “you need to eat better for the health of the baby”
Pregnancy Updates: Had a doctors appointment today – they said my blood sugar was running pretty high still even with my low carb diet so now i’m trying to cut out 90% of carbs…if not 100%.  We have another doctors appointment in a week or so to see if I can get it down by eliminating carbs…otherwise I get insulin.  They are pretty sure that insulin will happen.
On a funnier note – during my doctors appointment the fire alarm went off – we were evacuated from the building.  We had to wait for 15 minutes while the fire department came.  Soon after we were allowed back in!  After my appointment was over…we learned Brett’s truck battery died 🙂  Adventurous morning.

photo (5)

Best Moment this Week: Finding out that my current employer is definitely keeping me on part time/long distance from NC.  I love the people I work with and I’m beyond excited to get the chance to continue my relationship with them.  I also love them for giving me the opportunity to work from home part time so I can stay home with my little baby boy.
Also got to hang out with my favorite baby girl today – during the day!! So she wasn’t sleepy or grumpy 😉  She liked my bracelet…and my hair.

photo (6)

Clara and Auntie Lacie

Looking forward to: getting the keys to our new house!  And everything that comes after that.  Also, can’t wait for my June baby showers!
BabyCenter Update: Baby’s now the size of rutabaga!
Baby’s lungs are going through some major developments these days, which (combined with the opening of previously plugged nostrils) means he’s now able to practice inhaling and exhaling. The lack of air in your womb means every “breath” is filled with amniotic fluid, but hey — it’s progress..

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26 weeks - 4/23/13

26 weeks – 4/23/13

How far along?: 26 weeks
Due Date: July 30, 2013
Baby is the size of a?: head of lettuce (and length of a English cucumber)
Maternity Clothes: I ordered some stuff offline from Motherhood Maternity using a gift card I got from my parents at Christmas.  My stuff should show up some time this week!!
Baby Purchases: Nothing but we’ve kind of picked out a paint color 🙂 – also, we’ve gotten a few things from co-workers and friends.  Like some blankets and a book – “Where the wild things are” (are they trying to tell me something?)
Sleep: good
Symptoms: nothing new
Miss Anything?: Coke Icee
Movement: He still does most of his squirming in the evening and at night but I feel him during the day more now.
Food cravings: still coleslaw and my egg sandwiches
Mood: Happy/Excited
Rings: Wearing a larger ring
Belly Button: weird – haha
Gender:  Baby BOY!!
Pregnancy Workout: starting to walk after my meals…see below 😉
Pregnancy Pet Peeve: I thought of a good one this week..then i forgot it so I guess one could say…baby brain.  I didn’t believe that it existed prior to pregnancy – now I swear that must be what’s happening.  That and it’s just nice to have an excuse for forgetfulness.
Pregnancy Updates: I had another checkup last Friday – I’m measuring at 27 weeks but that’s within the normal range…could just be he’s a big boy…or he was positioned funny.  We also had another ultrasound so the docs could get pictures of his spine.  He cooperated this time (Eventually…) and rotated enough so that they could see his back…apparently he has a favorite position and doesn’t like to flip or roll over.  Also, the biggest news is I have gestational diabetes.  We got the results back last week and I had diabetes education on Monday.  I’m definitely not surprised with my family history.  It’s just one of those things that happens and I’m going to try to control it to the best of my abilities (except for tonight when I had french fries).  So now I get to prick my finger 4 times a day!! And I’m supposed to take a ten minute walk after meals.  Hopefully, we can keep it under control with nutrition..we shall see.

This is what my meter looks like…luckily I did not have to get the purple one 🙂 Although hot pink would have been nice 😉 Mine is black. I’m getting better at pricking my finger too 🙂 Although I will admit I’m still a bit of a drama queen about it.
Best Moment this Week: Dinner tonight! It was our 2nd anniversary!  B got me flowers and we went to Burton’s Grill for dinner.  I had crab cakes (they did contain onions but they were still delish) and fries 🙂 I didn’t eat them all.
Looking forward to: getting settled in NC and all my exciting baby showers!! I can still have cake if I eat really well that day 🙂
BabyCenter Update: The network of nerves in your baby’s ears is better developed and more sensitive than before. He may now be able to hear both your voice and your partner’s as you chat with each other. He’s inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid, which is essential for the development of his lungs. These so-called breathing movements are also good practice for when he’s born and takes that first gulp of air. And he’s continuing to put on baby fat. He now weighs about a pound and two-thirds and measures 14 inches (an English hothouse cucumber) from head to heel.

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Do you know me?

If you do…you know that Halloween, for me, means Christmas is almost here.  That being said, my husband loves Halloween!! So he goes all out on the decorating.  I tried to add some not so scary elements 🙂 The photos are of my additions…the video below the slideshow is all his.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

B’s haunting halloween video.

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So I’m sure you have often wondered who helps me out in the kitchen…no it isn’t my husband :).  This is my Kitchen-Aid mixer, aptly named, Daisy.  She was a Christmas present from my daddy a few years ago.  She is my favorite kitchen appliance (probably one of my favorite possessions, as in if a fire were to occur she would be 3rd to be saved after my husband and my dog).  She is a model K5-A (not that you care) which is a model that ran between 1947 and 1980.  A few months ago I sent in my serial number to the Kitchen-Aid people (on facebook no less!!) and they responded that my machine was built in 1947…how cool is that!  Okay, maybe you think that just means old…but for me, a lover of vintage kitchen things, I think that is beyond awesome.  And come on, have you read up on Kitchen-Aid mixers?  They might be expensive, but they are built to last.  Obviously, my machine did not come pre-decorated.  I am not a big fan of white and Kitchen-Aid didn’t start making the fancy colors until recently.  So i took a page out of Alton Brown’s book, and decorated my kitchen-aid myself.  Many online stores sell mixer decals but they are mostly flames and that’s not my cup of tea.  I did extensive research and found that auto decals are the way to go – they can withstand the use and cleaning necessary for a kitchen appliance.  So Daisy got decorated and dubbed with the name, Daisy.

Next time you have a baked treat from my house, you will know Daisy had a hand in making it.  She also makes pasta 🙂

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Another week, another flower bow.

I bought this cute flower pin from Ann Taylor Loft a few months back with the intention of using it as inspiration.  Picture below


So after a very productive weekend!! Story to come in a bit.  I decided to make my weekend even more productive and finally make a flower bow using some feathers.

To make this post more interesting (and I read somewhere where blogs are more interesting if the writer gives insight into their life) I’ll tell you about my Saturday.  Mostly just because it was super duper exciting…for me (probably not for the average bear).

Back Story: A couple weeks ago Axel Rose, our husky, demolished our bedspread.  Brett had left him in our bedroom to go brush his teeth and forgot about him (surprising since Axel rarely lets himself be ignored).  Twenty minutes later after his man grooming, Brett comes in to find Axel has ripped our comforter from top to bottom and pulled out all the batting.  To be fair the comforter had a small rip in it already (about six inches or so) and ever since Axel discovered that the comforter contained fluffy stuff, he had been obsessed with it.  So we normally made sure the ripped side was on my side of the bed which is off limits to four legged beasts.  However this day…he found his way over


I realize this is not a flattering picture of him…it looks like it was taken in mid-yawn as he cared not one bit that he had destroyed something.

Secretly I was kind of glad that he had destroyed the ugly ‘ol thing.  This comforter was from Brett’s bachelor days 🙂 and no offense to any readers but no woman should have to live with a bedspread that is denim on one side and khaki on the other.  Also as you can tell our bedroom is a very blue shade of blue (yes i meant to say that…its very blue) So when the denim side was up…sometimes the bed was just camouflaged in the room.

But back to my story within a story.  So yesterday, Brett and I went comforter shopping…I’ll be honest in the beginning it looked as if i would have to continue using the nasty comforter (which is quite cold without its stuffing).  However we got to Target (we had a gift card), and found a comforter which i loved and Brett “didn’t hate” which is good considering he hated about 95% of the adult comforters (when i say adult i mean not denim or dorm room microsuede)

I know…beautimus.  SO after getting our bedspread, I rushed home to go sweater shopping with Jaclyn and got an awesome sweater at the Loft for a whopping 14 dollars and 60 cent…awesome I know.  Then we went grocery shopping together, which wasn’t planned but we both shop at Harris Teeter and we both were going after our sweater outing…and it seemed awkward to abandon each other in the store so there we were…two gals and two carts.  Not gonna lie, it was weird….like playing follow the leader.  But nice b/c Jaclyn knows where everything is in Harris Teeter and we surprisingly get some of the same items…I got less vegetables and more coke 🙂

So today needed to be as productive as yesterday (I know I bet you were worried that I was never going to get back to the darn bow).  I needed to make a bow for Kate at work b/c she made me some awesome Christmas jewelry and I wanted to get her something as well.  I had made a bow previously but the more I thought about it the more it wasn’t “kate” enough so I wanted to make her one with feathers!!  I used a pattern similar to the one I used on Jaclyn’s headband but i added some awesome polka dot feathers from Micheals.  I wasn’t sure if Kate would like a headband or not since i’ve never seen her wear one so I put a clip on the back and clipped it to a headband..so she could decide what she wanted

TA – DA – I think I will make me one next but using ivory felt!!

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