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I’m a firm believer that accessorizing should start early in a girls life. 🙂 There is nothing cuter than a baby girl with a bow in her hair…

I wanted to make Baby C some headbands for her congrats-on-being-born gift.  I found this idea on Pinterest!  Link below:


I’ve included the steps in the slideshow.  These were so much fun to make and very very easy!  They make a great shower gift – unless of course you are a procrastinator like me and gift them to the lucky mom a week after baby is born.  I guess that’s cool too 🙂

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My Beautiful Model!!

I will admit to not making the bow part of this headband.  I found the fluffy part at Joann’s and just turned it into a bow.  Credit for using existing resources?


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That’s called alliteration…I like it 🙂

Hairbands – what would the world be like without them?  I don’t really like to think about it.  I like my hair (does any woman really LOVE there hair??) but I have a bit of a flyaway problem.  Brett calls it my Lion’s Mane, Jaclyn calls them angel wings, but whatever you call them…I have them always.  These 2-3 inch pieces on the side that are always sticking out of head, they are rebellious and cannot be controlled short of shellacking (that really is a word) them to my head with a few coats of heavy duty hair spray.  And if I do that them I’m forced to wash my hair that night or my head gets all itchy…and that’s unattractive…And I really don’t like washing my hair more than three times a week…but i digress

The point of the story ya’ll was that headbands solve all my problems.  They help my hold my fly aways back, they give me an awesome place to put a flower, and if done correctly you can get a cute hair bump-it on the top…since my hair doesn’t naturally bump (unlike Jaclyn who I swear has the best hair bump like everyday, idk how she does it…I don’t even think she tries!!)

So I have a lot of headbands, probably about 10 now but I’d like to expand on that…the more the better!  My problem was that they wouldn’t all fit in my drawer (note: this word is pronounced “draw” if you are from Boston).  Those that did fit in my drawer were getting all tangled and sadly some were even lost in the fight.

Off to Lowes I go…I found a 6 inch diameter (2 foot long) heating and a/c duct pipe thingie (i don’t know the technical term) that was perfect for the job (5 inches would have worked too however i noticed nothing comes in five inch diameters).  This thingie-ma-dogder cost all of $3.98!!  So I brought it home and covered it first in quilt batting and then in upholstery fabric!

(Note:  The 6 inch pipe plus the quilt batting is kindof big for most heads, I have a big head (my husband loves to remind me of this), therefore I don’t mind b/c I’m hoping this will stretch out some of my tighter fitting headbands, however if you have a small head you might wanna skip the quilt batting part)

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So yesterday was Jaclyn’s birthday!! YAY.  I bet she didn’t tell you but then again does she really have to?  I’m fairly certain that a large part of our readership is her family sooooo you probably knew that her birthday was yesterday.  Anyway I wanted to make her a little something for her b-day…nothing too big.  You know how big gifts go…they ultimately leave the gifted feeling guilty b/c they didn’t get you something that big for your birthday and upset because now they have to reciprocate on your next birthday…which starts a huge cycle of ‘too much’ giving.  I’m getting side-tracked…back to the gift.

The back story:

Jaclyn and I were shopping on the downtown mall for Christmas gifts back in December and went in this super cute store.  I cannot remember this store’s name so Jaclyn will have to fill that in later…(or we can not tell you and leave you in suspense).  This shop had TONS and TONS (note: the caps lock ‘tons’…it really was that impressive) of hair accessories….bows and flowers, headbands and barrettes,  I seriously considered setting up camp and living there. (Except everyone knows that I secretly long to live in a walmart with one of the large craft sections…with the fabric…it would be like in the movie, Where the Heart is.  Except I wouldn’t be pregnant.) I’m getting side-tracked again…

So while I was there I saw this super adorable headband with a posy/rose flower on it….amazing and it was red!  It screamed my name…not literally because that would have been weird.  But even Jaclyn admitted that it had me written all over it.  So I bought it with the intention of recreating the idea on my own…

Afterward, Jaclyn admitted to liking my flower headband except for the fact that the flower was to ‘poofy’ or in other words the profile was a bit too high…so this weekend I bought all of the supplies to make her a similar headband of a shorter stature.  I bought some cute felt at joanns (34 cent a sheet!! Deal) plus the headband at wal-mart (they are selling this super comfy headband for 97 cent in the craft section…made by Simplicity!).

At home I used my die cutter to cut circles out of the felt (I used a maroon color for Jaclyn’s flower…I have hot pink for me :)).  I love my die cutter…it makes projects like these so easy and if I had to cut out these circles myself I’m pretty sure that the project wouldn’t get finished.  One b/c I don’t like repetitious cutting and two b/c my circles would never be perfect enough.

So two failed attempts later, I finally succeeded in finishing the flower for the headband.  I really like the dimension of the store bought headband but I think a lot of that can be attributed to the fancy felt that it’s made out of…sadly that fancy felt is also what made the bow  ‘too tall’ for the likes of Jaclyn…therefore my cheap felt made a much flatter flower.

Here are the pictures of the headband and my inspiration headband.  The store bought one is the orangey-red one (i’m pretty sure its made with some kind of fancy felt which is a lot thicker than jo-ann quality).  The one I made is the maroon one with the covered button middle.  I think the button middle gave it a “whimsical” touch!  Also, the clothes pins were to keep the flower in the headband’s curved shape while the glue dried…just in case you were wondering.

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PS: Don’t tell Jaclyn about the headband yet!  I’m giving it to her tomorrow morning

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