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4 months – 11/29/13

14 lbs 6 ounces – 50% percentile

24.5 inches – officially over 2 feet tall!  Whoohoo. Also, 50% percentile

We had a doctors appointment on Monday 12/2/13 and he is still perfect.  He might be teething but it’s kinda hard to know since we can’t see anything.  But he’s chewing on things!

Pre-doctor and shots


A day after his shots and still feeling icky.  He ran a fever…and threw up on me! First throw up was my least favorite milestone


Looking forward to
Christmas!! DUH!


He’s rolled over from front to back! – So now we use the boppy when we want tummy time so he can’t flip over


He’s trying to sit up on his own.  He just isn’t quite there yet.




My favorite…oops we fell over


He sleeps in his crib and has for the whole month of November.  Super Star.  Until lately, he’s been sleeping on average 8 hours a night.  We think either teething or Thanksgiving vacation threw his sleep off because now he wakes up every 3 or 4 hours.

Happy Crib Boy!


See look what I can do…


He has started liking his paci less and his fingers more.  And he’s grabbing lots of things – Like the icing on daddy’s cake and his 4 months sticker.  So we had to safety pin it on.

He loves having his diaper changed!  It can change a screaming baby into a smiling one.  Although usually to mood is ruined once the diaper is changed.

Activities & Outings:

Halloween!  Our little guy was a Ninja Turtle.  His costume was a hit with the neighborhood kids.  Although one was kind of confused “He’s not a turtle, he’s a human!”



Daddy’s Birthday!  Brody helped me decorate the cake and had fun helping Daddy blow out his candles 🙂


We had Thanksgiving with both sets of parents.  Brody was a little overwhelmed by all the different people but we had a good time!  He was so good on his first Thanksgiving.  However, we didn’t take many pictures.

Nicknames: Little B, Bro, Broseph, Little dude,  Bro Bro, B-Man.

Clothing Size: 3-9 Months – all depends on the brand

Often heard:B 

“He has so much hair”
“He’s so alert”
“He’s very calm”
“So handsome”
“He’s so cute” (oh wait that’s me)

I have learned that if he’s in the room with me – he will let me shower in peace.  I’m okay with this :).





Gangsta’s gotta sleep…


Silly Daddy bought me a mustache!


He refused to smile for me – but that’s what happens when you do a photo shoot the day after shots.  Not a happy baby.




He was done! 🙂






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Peep, Peep…

Happy Easter!!

My Momma and Daddy always told me to wait until after Easter to plant the garden…just in case of a late frost.  A late frost seemed very unlikely this year but nevertheless, I waited until today to plant my garden!  It was a beautiful 70 degree day to work, plus my husband offered to help!  First, we went to Lowe’s to get a bell pepper plant.  Well we got that green bell and a few of it’s friends.  We came away with a green bell, a jalapeno, a cowhorn pepper, a gypsy pepper, an anaheim pepper, and an orange bell.  We also got a big boy tomato and a few colored tomato cages (because my garden must have personality).

Then we gardened and gardened…

After we cleaned up, Brett asks “when are we going to dye eggs?” – since we started dating, I’ve forced this man to dye eggs every Easter, and every Easter he would complain and then proceed to make the ugliest eggs (one year he even made one that was brown and spotted…trust me…it was ugly :)) So this year, I didn’t buy any eggs thinking he wouldn’t miss it…well I was wrong.  So we dyed eggs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

P.S. While I was out buying eggs, I bought some purple peeps – I wanted yellow but they were all out.  Why Peeps you say…because Jaclyn has never had a Peep.  I’ll agree that they are not a culinary treat – but they are an Easter institution – so tomorrow…Jaclyn will eat her first Peep, a purple Peep.

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