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So as you should know if you are an avid reader of our blog (and of course you are!!), we decided a while back to name all of our bows.  Our inaugural bow was titled “Lacelyn” as a combo of our first names Lacie + Jaclyn. (you probably could have gotten that without me spelling it out…but oh well…I like to elaborate).  The next bow in our series (you like how I said that…series…like we are special :)) is the Breanne.  Named after Jaclyn’s husband’s sister, or Jaclyn’s sister-in-law, or Scott’s sister, however you like to think about it.

Descriptions like this always remind me of this store in downtown Athens, GA where I went to school called Junkman’s Daughter’s Brother.  It was a pretty awesome store that contained anything from old fashioned candy to hammocks, Halloween costumes to candle holders, hallmark cards to purses.  I’m pretty sure they also had a naughty section though I promise I never went in it.

Anyway, we decided to name this one after her because after browsing our catalog (a.k.a. our blog’s pictures) she really loved this one in particular.

It’s more of a swirl than a bow but I like lumping all hair accessories into the following categories: bow, headband, barrette, clip, hair band (Jaclyn calls them elastics), and of course bobby pins.  So I think this most closely fits into the ‘bow’ category.  Anyway the only other option would be hair accessory…and that is wayyyyy to many letters.


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Another week, another flower bow.

I bought this cute flower pin from Ann Taylor Loft a few months back with the intention of using it as inspiration.  Picture below


So after a very productive weekend!! Story to come in a bit.  I decided to make my weekend even more productive and finally make a flower bow using some feathers.

To make this post more interesting (and I read somewhere where blogs are more interesting if the writer gives insight into their life) I’ll tell you about my Saturday.  Mostly just because it was super duper exciting…for me (probably not for the average bear).

Back Story: A couple weeks ago Axel Rose, our husky, demolished our bedspread.  Brett had left him in our bedroom to go brush his teeth and forgot about him (surprising since Axel rarely lets himself be ignored).  Twenty minutes later after his man grooming, Brett comes in to find Axel has ripped our comforter from top to bottom and pulled out all the batting.  To be fair the comforter had a small rip in it already (about six inches or so) and ever since Axel discovered that the comforter contained fluffy stuff, he had been obsessed with it.  So we normally made sure the ripped side was on my side of the bed which is off limits to four legged beasts.  However this day…he found his way over


I realize this is not a flattering picture of him…it looks like it was taken in mid-yawn as he cared not one bit that he had destroyed something.

Secretly I was kind of glad that he had destroyed the ugly ‘ol thing.  This comforter was from Brett’s bachelor days 🙂 and no offense to any readers but no woman should have to live with a bedspread that is denim on one side and khaki on the other.  Also as you can tell our bedroom is a very blue shade of blue (yes i meant to say that…its very blue) So when the denim side was up…sometimes the bed was just camouflaged in the room.

But back to my story within a story.  So yesterday, Brett and I went comforter shopping…I’ll be honest in the beginning it looked as if i would have to continue using the nasty comforter (which is quite cold without its stuffing).  However we got to Target (we had a gift card), and found a comforter which i loved and Brett “didn’t hate” which is good considering he hated about 95% of the adult comforters (when i say adult i mean not denim or dorm room microsuede)

I know…beautimus.  SO after getting our bedspread, I rushed home to go sweater shopping with Jaclyn and got an awesome sweater at the Loft for a whopping 14 dollars and 60 cent…awesome I know.  Then we went grocery shopping together, which wasn’t planned but we both shop at Harris Teeter and we both were going after our sweater outing…and it seemed awkward to abandon each other in the store so there we were…two gals and two carts.  Not gonna lie, it was weird….like playing follow the leader.  But nice b/c Jaclyn knows where everything is in Harris Teeter and we surprisingly get some of the same items…I got less vegetables and more coke 🙂

So today needed to be as productive as yesterday (I know I bet you were worried that I was never going to get back to the darn bow).  I needed to make a bow for Kate at work b/c she made me some awesome Christmas jewelry and I wanted to get her something as well.  I had made a bow previously but the more I thought about it the more it wasn’t “kate” enough so I wanted to make her one with feathers!!  I used a pattern similar to the one I used on Jaclyn’s headband but i added some awesome polka dot feathers from Micheals.  I wasn’t sure if Kate would like a headband or not since i’ve never seen her wear one so I put a clip on the back and clipped it to a headband..so she could decide what she wanted

TA – DA – I think I will make me one next but using ivory felt!!

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