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I know I know..kinda risque blog title..that’s what you are thinking :).  Actually probably not since sexy isn’t really as risque as it used to be…back in the day (look at me acting all old).  Anyway I was reading last week on how to make one’s blog more popular.  Not that we don’t totally appreciate our fan base but we would love for more people to read our blog…so I was looking up tips to increase readership.  The article went on to talk about how usually bloggers pick mundane titles “Google searches in today’s life” but instead should use the title “The Google Whore”…wow…That’s one way to increase readership.  However, no matter how much I thought about it…I could not figure out how to incorporate the word Whore into my Quilting post.  Something for y’all to look forward to.

Speaking of which I was also watching this show on the History Channel this weekend called “how the states got their shapes” and they were talking about accents.  Pretty much just saying that people from the south say “y’all”…duh.  The people they interviewed said that “y’all” didn’t have an apostrophe in it…and all southerners just said “yall”…Does it make me un-southern to spell the word correctly??  I think not.  This show also said that since Jaclyn was from Massachusetts she should say the word coffee funny…and i swear she says it like a normal person so clearly this show was not 100% accurate.

Obviously I’m digressing.  I’ve been working on a quilt for myself for about 6 months or more.  I’ve made multiple people quilts but never one for myself.  I knew I needed to find one that had big enough blocks to be easily finished…otherwise it would be a decade before I got it done…yet funky enough for me to like.   I’m not the best person with huge projects like quilts….I love to sew them but they are a big time and space commitment and when you are like myself and have several hobbies…its hard to find room for them all.  However when I stumbled upon this pattern…it was love at first sight.  It’s actually called “Sexy Hexy” therefore I cannot completely take claim for my awesome blog title.  If you see my pics and want the pattern I’ll be more than happy to give you the link.  As the name implies, the Quilt is made up of a series of huge hexagons.  I like it because it’s a modern twist on an old quilt pattern made up of hexagons.  I tweaked the pattern somewhat to make it a bit larger.  I’ve made all of my big hexagons at this point and now need to make the half hexagons for the sides and sew everything together to make a rectangle….then eventually i’ll actually need to put the topper together with batting and a bottom so that I have a whole quilt.  Maybe I can convince Jaclyn that she has a secret crafty bone hiding in her body…b/c my least favorite part of quilting is putting all three pieces together and it is so much easier with two people.  At least to get it laid out and make sure that everything lines up correctly.

Here are five of my ten big hexagon blocks!!

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